Jamia residents catch armed plain-clothed raiding sleuths, hand over to Police


By IndiaTomorrow.net,
New Delhi, 14 August 2014: Around 11:30 am this morning, 10-12 armed plain-clothed sleuths allegedly of Special Cell were caught by local residents while they were raiding in Zakir Nagar locality of Jamia Nagar here in the National Capital. Residents led by popular local politician-activist Amanatullah Khan brought the sleuths to Jamia Nagar Police Station and handed them over to the police. Mr. Khan claimed he along with local residents foiled a conspiracy of the police ahead of Independence Day. He alleged the police might have planned to pick one or two youths and brand them as terrorists of Indian Mujahideen on the eve of Independence Day.

“I got a call at 11:30 am today that some plain-clothed sleuths of Special Cell or Delhi police are barging into homes in Gali No. 9 and 12. They were carrying pistols and AK47 in their hands. They were 10-12 in number. I called Jamia Nagar Police station to know if there is any such raid in the area. Inspector Praveen told me there was no such raid in his knowledge. I reached the spot and found them entering homes and misbehaving with people. There was a handcuffed person with them,” said Mr. Khan while standing at Jamia Nagar Police Station.

Amanatullah Khan along with other residents at Jamia Nagar Police Station in New Delhi on 14 Aug 2014 (Photo – IndiaTomorrow.net)

Giving details about the incident, Mr. Khan, who had fought Delhi Assembly poll last December, said he suspected the intention of the raiding police team. He said that when he asked them as to why they were raiding the area for interrogation as they claimed without local police and FIR and with such heavy arms; if they wanted to pick one or two to brand them as terrorist ahead of Independence Day, the sleuths were dumbfounded.

“I asked them what message they want to send on 14 August that they arrested one or two terrorist from Jamia Nagar who were associated with Indian Mujahideen. Or have you come with an intension to carry an encounter? They denied this all and said they had come for interrogation. Then I asked why you 10-12 policemen came just for interrogation and why you came in plain clothes and did not follow the guidelines of DK Basu, How can you come without local police and FIR. They were dumbfounded. I caught them and called local police. SHO and additional SHO came to the spot and we brought the sleuths to Jamia Nagar police station,” Mr. Khan said.

He demanded their suspension and FIR against them.

“We are of the view that they have violated laws and tried to malign the area once again. We have prevented them from executing their plan. We demand that FIR should be lodged against them and they should be suspended. They belong to Delhi Police and Special Cell,” Mr. Khan demanded and displayed I-card of a Sub Inspector Naveen Kumar who he alleged was leading the raiding team.


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