Punish The Real Murderers & Policemen On Duty Who Allowed The Criminals To Leave With Injured Victims: JIH Vice-President Prof. Salim Engineer

Prof. Mohammad Salim Engineer(left) with the family members of Junaid, one of the youths, murdered by Haryana's cow vigilantes.

India Tomorrow

NEW DELHI—Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has demanded stern punishment for the real culprits involved in the kidnapping and murder of two Rajasthani Muslim youths whose charred bodies were recovered from a Mahindra Bolero car from the jungles of a village in Bhiwani district of Haryana on February 15.

The JIH is a premier socio-religious organisation of Indian Muslims.

The Jamaat has also demanded stern action against the protectors and supporters of the accused persons involved in the heinous crime, besides legal action against the policemen on duty at the Firozepur Jhirka Police Station who allowed the criminals to leave with the injured victims and later on, set them on fire.

The demand was made after a delegation of the organisation visited the family members of the victims – Junaid (35) and Nasir (25) – in Ghatmika village of Bharatpur district on Wednesday.

JIH vice-president Prof. Mohammad Salim Engineer led the delegation.

Prof. Salim condemned those protesting in favour of the accused persons at various places in Haryana to influence the investigation by putting pressure on the Rajasthan police.

The JIH leader appealed to Rajasthan and Haryana state governments to cooperate in the investigation of the case and bring the real culprits to justice as per law.

The Jamaat delegation met the two victims’ brothers and other family members and expressed their sympathy for the victims’ families.

The delegation also visited the village Eidgah where villagers have been staging a protest since February 16, demanding immediate arrest of all the accused persons and compensation of Rs one crore to each of the two families of Junaid and Nasir.

Prof Salim (left) with family members of Nasir.

“We support the villagers’ protest and express our solidarity with the victims’ families. We demand justice for the victims’ families and adequate compensation for the two families to be given by the Rajasthan government. JIH is solidly standing with them for justice and will take all possible steps to ensure that victims’ families get justice and no such incidents are repeated in the future,” Prof. Salim said in a media statement.

The villagers told the delegation that a gang of criminals had been operating openly and involved in criminal activities for many years in the Mewat region of Haryana and Rajasthan. The family members and other villagers alleged that the role of the Haryana police was dubious and disappointing. The villagers also alleged that a section of the Haryana police protected and supported the criminals.

Prof. Salim talking to village elders about the kidnapping and murder of the two youths.

Villagers also alleged that victims with severe injuries were taken to the Firozepur Jhirka police station by the criminals. Still, the police neither accepted the injured victims nor arrested the criminals.

Prof. Salim holding placard at dharna site in the village.

They alleged that the Haryana police allowed the criminals to leave with the victims in serious condition. Later on, the charred bodies of the victims were found in a burnt Bolero car in the jungles of a village in the Bhiwani district of Haryana.

Prof Salim along with those who are on dharna at the village Edigah demanding justice in the double murder case.

“This is shocking and surprising that a section of the Haryana police is directly involved in such kind of activities and crimes against Muslims of the Mewat region,” said Prof. Salim.

“Though Rajasthan police have acted and registered an FIR and arrested an accused, seven accused are yet to be arrested. Hence the family members and villagers are not satisfied with the action of the Rajasthan police also. Therefore, the villagers demand that all the real culprits be arrested and punished,” the JIH leader pointed out.


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