Jamaat-e-Islami Hind welcomes Gujarat HC verdict dismissing petition seeking ban on Azaan on loudspeakers


India Tomorrow

NEW DELHI—Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) vice-president Malik Moatasim Khan has welcomed the Gujarat High Court decision, dismissing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a ban on Azaan through loudspeakers.

Mr. Khan, in a statement, said: “We welcome the judgment by the division bench of Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Aniruddha Mayee of the Gujarat High Court that dismissed a PIL seeking a ban on Azaan through loudspeakers. We completely concur with the views of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court that the plea was “wholly misconceived” and it was difficult to “understand as to how the human voice making Azan through loudspeakers could achieve the decibels to the extent of creating noise pollution causing health hazard for the public at large.”

“Jamaat feels that there was an apparent contradiction in the complaint about noise disturbance and health hazards due to Azaan compared to the noise generated during other religious practices. The selective outrage on the Azaan by ignoring and normalizing loud music during bhajan or aarti in temples and other religious processions smacked of religious bias and Islamophobia, which is, unfortunately, becoming endemic in our body politic. India has a glorious history of religious tolerance and communal amity. We appeal to the people of India not to fall prey to those who wish to incite hatred and misuse religion for their political agenda,” the JIH leader remarked.

Mr Khan further stated, “We wish to emphasize that the Azaan acts as a call to Muslims to join the mandatory five-time congregational prayers in mosques. This practice was instituted by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and continues to this day. The words of the Azaan proclaim the greatness of the Creator of the entire Universe and everything within it and testify that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Prophet of God. It is a call to peace and salvation. We invite our fellow brothers and sisters to study the Quran and read the life of the Prophet of Islam to acquaint themselves with the noble and pristine teachings of Islam. Jamaat feels that the best way ahead for our country is to celebrate our unity amidst diversity and spread love and compassion.”


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