JIH chief on what should Indian Muslims do to overcome the current challenges?


Jamaat-e-Islami Hind president Syed Sadatullah Husaini, in a video speech, has outlined essential tasks the Indian Muslims individually as well as collectively require to undertake to face the current challenges in the country and overcome them.

Here is a translation of his full video speech that he delivered in chaste Urdu.

“AS the general election is drawing closer, the problems of Indian Muslims are increasing. The communal forces have crossed all the limits with disdain and without any shame.

ALL the judicial institutions are being polluted and corrupted including the judicial system, bureaucracy and media to spread the venom of communalism and hatred.

ALL the country’s institutions are being sacrificed for narrow political and ideological interests. A big part of the population does not realize that how much dangerous is this fire that is being enflamed. This fire will engulf not only Muslims, every section of the society will turn into ashes. Its deadliness will be exposed very soon. And everyone will realize what kind of a monster was being encouraged.

IN these circumstances, there is a strong sense of suffering, anger and frustration among the Muslims of India which is quite natural. Undoubtedly, Muslims are pained for themselves but they are also worried for this country and its future. They feel disturbed over the situation that is making the life of every section of society tough. They are worried about the society we leave behind for the upcoming generations.

WE are indeed troubled and worried but we are not disappointed or scared in any way. Weeping and wailing does not change the situation. The blame game does not bring improvement. It will not change anything by talking repeatedly about strategy and leadership. The situation does not change by pouring grief and anger on social media.

THE situation changes through resolve and courage, wisdom and continuous endeavours. First, have the confidence that no power in the world can erase us from the universe. Trials and tribulations have been part of our history. Recall the unending difficulties that were faced by the most beloved human being Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).  Even in this country, this community has gone through huge difficulties during the first freedom war of 1857, the freedom struggle of the country and even after these at different times. History is witness that none of those big storms dismantled us.

THE tough times cannot dishearten us. Rather, according to the Holy Quran, the sign of Iman (belief) is that our faith, submission and self-confidence increases in difficult times. It is stated in the Holy Quran that the condition of true believers at that time was that when they saw the attacking forces they cried out: This is what Allah and His Messenger had promised us. The words of Allah and His Messenger are absolutely true. This incident further increased their faith in Allah.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind president Syed Sadatullah Husaini.

REMEMBER that no one spends his energy to trouble any weak and worthless group. You are being vexed because you are a big hurdle in the way of atrocities and injustices. Your Deen (religion) and principles are the great strengths that make the lives of evil forces difficult. The atrocious system cannot stand with its complete barbarism while you are around. So, please realize this strength of yours. God willing, these situations will add up to our strength. We will come out stronger.

ONE more thing to understand is that there is no quick fix and short-term solution to our problems. These are tough and challenging times and we will have to fight to sail through it. We have to bear the difficulties and focus on long-term solutions which will be the real and sustainable solution.

WHAT is the solution? This has two aspects: The first aspect is external. We will have to make serious and uninterrupted efforts to change this country, society and its attitude. We have to take the people out of the sentimental and frenzied frame of mind which has been created by the evil politicians, and make them able to think about the real issues. Indeed, this is not an easy task. We don’t expect quick results but dear friends, this is the solution. And, we need to work on this solution for a long time with patience.

THE second aspect is internal. We need to overcome our weaknesses. We lack education, our economic situation is bad, and we lack vision, visionary leadership, aim and unity. There is sentimentalism, if something untoward happens we stand up with all fire, fury and frustration. We start a blame game and get lost in our own world after a few days. The focus on solid work is lacking and pulling legs is rampant.

THESE are the weaknesses that shackle us. We will have to remove these weaknesses. These situations provide us an opportunity to do serious introspection and become a powerful and effective community by removing the weaknesses. Until we do this, we will be vulnerable. So, friends please take a pledge that we will focus on our immediate ground. Our aim will be to bring out solid change in our circle of influence and play our role. We will work continuously at our places over some small things. In Sha Allah, that will change the situation.

I am proposing six action points:

(1) Let’s build good relations with our fellow countrymen and non-Muslim brothers. Remove their misconceptions. End hatred. Convey the true message of Islam.

“(2) We must try to improve the condition of the Muslim community. Focus on their education, their economy, and removing their weaknesses. Most importantly, improve their moral character and adherence to religion.

(3) We will come forward to try to play the role of the “Khair-e-Ummah” (best community). The community should be seen as a messiah for all the weaker sections and oppressed. The people should feel them as an asset.

(4) If there is any injustice and atrocity in our surroundings, we will stand up for justice for the oppressed. We will help in every possible manner the oppressed along with the serious justice-loving people. We will oppose and resist injustice but in a peaceful manner.

(5) We will utilize the power of social media for constructive purposes. Airing despondency, despair, and frustration and spreading disappointment are the negative usage of social media. By doing this we become the culprit of making the situation worse. The positive use is to awaken the country on the real issues confronting them. Raise awareness about Islam positively and show the way to the Ummah.

(6) The coming elections are very crucial for the country. It is our responsibility to make endeavours along with peace and justice-loving people to ensure that people participate in this election in large numbers and discharge their responsibilities in the right direction.

Let us transform these challenging times into the dawn of a new era. Let us change anger and frustration into constructive energy, which will help us change our present condition. Whoever is rendering service at whatever level to better the situation of the community is our asset. Come and strengthen those hands. If they have some weaknesses, if there are difficulties in the way, then our anger and frustration should not add up to their problems. Rather, we should try that our honest support and helping attitude be the source to increase their strength and confidence.

ON the one hand, our enemy forces want to make us fuss about the daily happenings and do not focus on changing the situation of the country and any solid programme of construction and development. On the other hand, they want us to be at loggerheads with each other. (They want that) Our energy of fire and fury makes one another weaker. Unfortunately, our behaviour and reaction after every big incident strengthen this undesired purpose. So, let us avoid this and start together a new era of continuous endeavour. Ameen.”


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