Election results a resounding mandate against hate and divisive politics: JIH chief Syed Sadatullah Husaini


India Tomorrow

NEW DELHI—Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, a leading religio-cultural organisation of Indian Muslims, has described the results for the general elections – 2024 as a “resounding mandate against hate and divisive politics.”

In a media statement, JIH president Sadatullah Husaini, while congratulating the people of India for actively participating in the electoral process and sending a powerful message to politicians through their votes.

He said, “We congratulate and appreciate the voters of our country who voted with great wisdom despite the deliberate disinformation campaign by certain politicians. The election campaign raised significant concerns due to clear instances of fake propaganda, hate politics, the use of communal slang, and various unfair tactics aimed at capturing votes and influencing voters. Many of the highly publicized election speeches were completely polarizing and divisive, disregarding morals and probity. Against all these odds, the people of the country exercised their franchise wisely and conveyed their message loud and clear.”

He further stated, “The decisive vote for change in states like Uttar Pradesh is a clear message that the people of India are not interested in politically motivated fake communal controversies or religious and caste-based divides. They seek inclusive development and social justice. The new era of coalition politics also shows that the people of India still prefer the constitutional values of federalism, decentralization, separation of power, and the politics of consensus and inclusiveness. It is widely believed that the main change-makers in these elections were peasants, farmers, backward classes, and religious minorities, proving they cannot be overlooked by any political party. Every political formation must include all sections of society and avoid becoming a sectarian and divisive force representing only a section of the population.”

Mr. Husaini said, “We expect the new government to address real issues such as the economic slowdown, inflation, unemployment, and adopt an inclusive approach toward all sections of society and communities, regardless of religious and caste considerations. The government’s approach should be inclusive and pro-people. The credibility of our autonomous democratic institutions must be restored, as their image has been severely dented by accusations of being influenced by the executive and becoming pawns in the hands of political masters. Law-making should not be unilateral and one-sided. There should be wide consultation, and the opinions of all stakeholders should be considered. The federal nature of our polity has also taken a beating and should be restored.”

The JIH chief emphasized that the Constitution of India envisions a welfare state committed to the well-being of all citizens. It places paramount importance on complete social justice and fostering strong fraternity among the populace as its fundamental goals and primary drivers of state policy. “We demand that the new government respects this constitutional vision, which has been reinforced by the recent mandate of the people of India, and works towards the development and well-being of every citizen, particularly those who have remained marginalized,” he said.


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