Mob Attacks Madrasa and Muslim-Owned Businesses Ahead of Bakrid in Medak


India Tomorrow

New Delhi— On Saturday, just one day before Bakrid, a violent mob attacked the Miraj ul Uloom Madrasa in Medak district, sparking widespread outrage and condemnation.

Locals report that the Miraj ul Uloom Madrasa management had purchased cattle for the sacrificial rituals of Bakrid. On Saturday, a mob gathered in protest against the sacrifice, subsequently attacking the madrasa’s Muslim management. The mob was reported to have been chanting slogans such as “Jai Sri Ram” and “Jai Gau Mata” during the attack.

The Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) has issued a strong condemnation of the attacks, describing them as part of a disturbing pattern of communal violence. In their statement, the SIO highlighted the severity of the incident:

“Yesterday, in Medak, a hospital and nearby businesses owned by Muslims were viciously attacked by an organized mob of around 500 locals chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram,’ ‘Jai Gau Mata,’ and other slogans. This assault on civilians occurred despite the close proximity of a police station, which failed to maintain public order. Patients and innocent civilians were attacked by the violent mob, including stone pelting and property desecration. This appears to be an attempt to polarize the town just two days before Eid.

“Furthermore, SIO condemns this and all recent violent attacks on Muslims in Telangana. We demand an end to the authorities’ silence and indifference, which allows the organized Hindutva faction to carry out such acts for their own interests. We demand justice and immediate action against the perpetrators to restore peace in the town.”

In a viral video, Dr. Naveen of Orthopedic Hospital Medak spoke emotionally to the media, recounting the attack on his hospital by a mob of 150 to 200 people identified as BJP and BJYM workers. He mentioned treating an injured patient, Arif Samdani, on humanitarian grounds and expressed disbelief at the mob’s behavior. “We don’t distinguish between Muslim and Hindu; our duty is to serve people. Such actions from a mob are unacceptable,” he emphasized.

MLA Kausar, through his X account, reassured the public that AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi is coordinating with senior police officials to ensure peace in Medak town. Kausar detailed:

“I have spoken with SP Medak and other officials. Madarsa Minhaj Ul Uloom, Indrapuri Colony, organized Qurbani which was objected to by RSS/Hindu Wani. The Orthopaedic Hospital, opposite Medak Police Station, has been surrounded by Hindu Wani and BJP members. A BJP procession damaging shops and establishments is currently underway, targeting Honey Bakery and other Muslim-owned properties.”

Amjed Ullah Khan, spokesperson for MBT, accused Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy of neglecting law and order and failing to protect Muslims from communal violence. Khan called for a judicial inquiry, citing incidents during Reddy’s tenure including temple constructions on Muslim graveyards and attacks on mosques during religious events. He criticized the police for inaction and urged the Congress Central leadership to replace Reddy to restore Muslim confidence ahead of key elections in Telangana and Maharashtra.

SP Bala Swamy assured the public that the situation is now under control:

“Two individuals from each group sustained injuries in the clashes. Cases have been registered against both factions, and eight arrests have been made. Video footage is being reviewed to identify other perpetrators involved in the violence.”

Telangana police have arrested BJP Medak district president Gaddam Srinivas, BJP Medak Town president M. Nayam Prasad, BJYM President, and seven others in connection with the violence in Medak town. They will be produced before the court. The situation in Medak is currently peaceful, and police have implemented extensive security measures for Eid, as reported by journalist Naseer Giyas on X.


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