Statistics and UN Expert Confirm: ‘Israeli Army is The Most Criminal Army of The World’


By Ayaz Ahmad Islahi

LUCKNOW—The United Nations (UN) has once again confirmed the criminal and terrorist characteristics of Israel and its army. This time, Chris Sidoti, the UN human rights expert, in a recent press briefing in the UN office had clearly declared the Israeli occupation forces as “Criminal army”.

“The Israeli army is one of the most criminal armies in the world.” Chris Sidoti said.

It’s a greatest fact, and we must consider it as the most naked truth of the modern world, not an accusation.

This is a reality that both friends and opponents of Israel are all well aware of.  A new piece of proof of the Israeli army’s crimes against humanity recently came to the light when their soldiers tied a Palestinian youth to the front of their car and used him as a “human shield”

A picture (see the image posted with this post) released by various news sources is showing an injured young Palestinian man, who was abducted and tortured by the Israeli  forces in the Jabriyat neighbourhood in Jenin, West Bank, and then he was placed on a military vehicle as the human shield.

The footage of the incident, which took place on Saturday, has gone viral and it reveals a Palestinian young man strapped horizontally to the bonnet of an Israeli military jeep as it passes through a narrow alley.

The Palestinian man from the West Bank, has been identified by a medical staff as Mujahid Raed Abbadi, 24, who told reporters that he presently lives in the Jenin refugee camp.

Israeli troops tied the young wounded Palestinian to their military vehicle during their terrorist attack in the city of Jenin of West Bank. Interestingly, Israeli army’s officials admitted that soldiers had “violated operational procedures”, it means to the Israeli army just an operational mistake, not the violation of human rights and International laws. Please don’t get confused but you must take it as one of the Zionist Genocidal and racist narratives which fully “permit” the occupation army the massacre of the civilians and even any kind of brutal acts against the Palestinians for their ethnic cleansing.

And here is the latest crime record of the Israeli army that is committing continuously the genocide of civilian population of Gaza for about nine months with the support of US and her other partners in crime.

The following details of Genocidal War Waged by the Israeli Occupation regime on the Gaza Strip, have been Published by Hamas on its official website on June 22, 2024:

◻️ (260) days of the genocidal war.

◻️ (3,331) massacres committed by the Israeli occupation army.

◻️ (47,551) Palestinian civilians killed.

◻️ (10,000) missing persons.

◻️ (37,551) persons have been killed in hospitals.

◻️ (15,821) children are reportedly killed.

◻️ (33) killed due to famine.

◻️ (10,475) women are reportedly killed by occupation forces.

◻️ (499) medical crew personnel killed, mostly in hospitals.

◻️ (70) civil defence personnel killed.

◻️ (152) journalists are murdered.

◻️ (7) mass graves inside hospitals.

◻️ (520) bodies of martyrs pulled out of mass graves inside hospitals.

◻️ (151) Shelters have been targeted so far by Israel’s terrorist army .

◻️ (85,911) Palestinians have been injured.

◻️ (70%) of the victims are children and women.

◻️ (17,000) children have lost one or both parents.

◻️ (3,500) children at risk of death due to malnutrition and famine.

◻️ (12,000) wounded in need of traveling for treatment.

◻️ (10,000) cancer patients facing the risk of death.

◻️ (3,000) patients with different diseases in need of travelling for treatment.

◻️ (1,660,492) are infected with infectious diseases due to displacement.

◻️ (71,338) cases of viral hepatitis infections due to displacement.

◻️ (60,000) pregnant women are at risk due to lack of healthcare.

◻️ (350,000) chronic patients are at risk due to lack of medication.

◻️ (5000) Palestinians have been indiscriminately detained by the Israel’s terrorist forces from Gaza during the ongoing aggression.

◻️ (310) healthcare personnel have been arrested.

◻️ (21) journalists whose names are known, are abducted by the Israeli army.

◻️ (2) million displaced in Gaza Strip.

◻️ (194) governmental headquarters destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (110) schools and universities completely destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (321) schools and universities partially destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (608) mosques completely destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (209) mosques partially destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (3) churches targeted and destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (150,000) residential units completely destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (80,000) housing units are rendered uninhabitable by the occupation.

◻️ (200,000) housing units partially destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (79,000) tons of explosives dropped by the occupation on Gaza.

◻️ (33) hospitals are currently out of service.

◻️ (64) health centres are out of service.

◻️ (160) healthcare facilities partially targeted by the occupation.

◻️ (131) ambulances destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (206) archaeological and heritage sites destroyed by the occupation.

◻️ (33) billion USD; initial direct losses of Israeli genocidal war against Gaza.

Keep this in mind that this recent record of Israeli crimes and terrorist acts committed in Gaza by  Israeli forces are the latest one, not the last, as it is changing and increasing every moment in Gaza.

Praying for the peace in Gaza and ultimate success of those who are fighting for their survival with the “MOST CRIMINAL ARMY OF THE WORLD”.

*The author is a professor at the University of Lucknow. Views are personal.


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