Prof Muchkund Dubey’s demise a huge loss to the country: JIH Vice President Salim Engineer


India Tomorrow

NEW DELHI—Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) vice-president Prof Salim Engineer has expressed profound grief at the passing away of veteran diplomat and former foreign secretary Prof. Muchkund Dubey. 

In his condolence message, JIH Vice President said that Prof. Muchkund Dubey was not just an extraordinary diplomat but he also played a stellar role in establishing justice, human dignity, peace, and communal harmony in Indian society.

The JIH leader described Prof. Dubey as an ardent advocate and warrior of strengthening constitutional values and democratic traditions, a distinguished scholar, prolific writer, columnist, and peace activist. 

“His clarity of ideas, strong commitment, courage, depth of knowledge, and balanced viewpoint have always inspired me. He had command of various languages including Persian and Sanskrit. He has also contributed significantly to developmental economics and reforms in the education system via the RTE,” Prof. Salim observed.

Prof. Salim had very close relations with the veteran diplomat and had an hour-long discussion with him on various issues two days before his demise in the Fortis Escort Heart Institute here.

The JIH leader said that “in his last days, Prof Dubey was very much concerned about the politics based on hate and division in society, valueless and opportunistic politics.”

Reflecting on Prof. Dubey’s contribution towards maintaining communal harmony in the country, Prof. Salim Engineer said, “Prof Muchkund Dubey made sincere efforts in establishing and strengthening the Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity (FDCA) with concerned citizens, including JIH leaders, immediately after the 1992-93 communal riots following the Babri Masjid demolition. FDCA was initially chaired by Late Justice V.M. Tarkunde and later led by Prof. Muchkund Dubey. Prof. Dubey offered unwavering support and maintained a keen interest in FDCA’s activities, which included raising public awareness against communalism and fascism, promoting constitutional values, a democratic culture, tolerance, and coexistence among citizens. He fought for the rights and dignity of minorities and vulnerable communities, particularly the Muslim community, during periods of communal tensions and other crises. His passing away is a huge and irreparable loss at a time when such courageous personalities are most needed.”


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