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Why IndiaTomorrow.net?

Most of the mainstream media outlets today are driven by political or corporate interests. They have succumbed to market forces and no longer represent the people. Whether it is social problems or political and economic issues, media ignores the larger interests of society, nation and humanity. Sometimes, it becomes pawns in the hands of political parties and/or the corporate world. Consequently, news stories and balanced and objective viewpoints on issues confronting common people are generally absent from media discourses.

Media has become a cash and entertainment machine today. ‘Journalism for a cause’ is now an ‘outdated’ idea. There is a mad race to amuse the viewers and sensationalize insignificant issues to increase TRP ratings for more and more revenues. The genuine and serious issues of the common people are not debated honestly and objectively. ‘Today’ impacts the ‘Tomorrow’. Yet, the future of India is not even at the margin of media debates. Here comes IndiaTomorrow.net.

IndiaTomorrow.net was launched on 10 December 2012, a day that is celebrated the world over as ‘Human Rights Day’. As Not-For-Profit initiative, IndiaTomorrow.net shall focus on our youth and lend its voice to the unheard and suppressed. IndiaTomorrow.net shallbring out positive stories and offer constructive criticism within the framework of polite debate and discussion.  It will highlight issues related to development, human rights, women rights, minorities, socio-economically deprived groups, the economy, education, Indian society and Indian diaspora.

IndiaTomorrow.net will not promote or safeguard any political or corporate interests. The larger interests of the humanity will form its core. It will boldly raise every issue that concerns the society without any bias or preconceived notions.  IndiaTomorrow.net will be a forum for serious and healthy debates on social, political and economic issues. It will bring out positive stories that inspire and motivate. In the age of visionless and negative journalism, IndiaTomorrow.net will highlight stories of hope and development. It will promote journalism of vision and optimism.

Syed Khalique Ahmed

Chief Editor | IndiaTomorrow.net

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