Third World Order Came in 1979 After Iran’s Islamic Revolution: Dr. Tasleem Rahmani


India Tomorrow

New Delhi—Noted scholar Dr. Tasleem Rahmani has said that the Third World came after Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979. However, it was not a bloodied revolution, unlike the First and Second world orders that came after the First and Second world wars claiming the lives of billions of people.

Dr. Rehmani was speaking at a function organized by the Iranian embassy in New Delhi to mark the 44th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution on Sunday, February 12.

“Not lakhs, but crores of people were killed in the First and Second World wars, resulting in two world orders. And the third world order came in 1979 after the Iranian revolution. It was not a bloodied revolution. It was a quantitative revolution. Earlier people had thought that Islam has been finished and it has become irrelevant. After the Iranian revolution, the Islamic world again started making moves. As a result, the Tunisian government, the Libyan government, and the Egyptian government changed. There was an ideological change in Turkey’s government. Later in 1990, new Islamic countries came into being in central Asia,” he said.

Dr. Rehmani regretted that the West did not accept third-world order. “For the last 44 years, the West has opposed the Iranian revolution. It is being opposed because, as per them, it was not a regional revolution. It is the beginning of ‘Ism’. When fascism, dictatorship, and others unite against Islam, an army of Khomeiniyat stands like a wall to protect against them,” he said.

He said there is a marked difference between the pre-1979 and post-1979 world. “Everything changed, technology changed. New countries came into being and new wars were fought. Now they have come up with new definitions of terrorism. Islamophobia has become rampant. They have put entire West Asia on fire. They have drenched it in blood. Let me tell you that the forces who want to decimate Islam will vanish. Wait for a few decades and they will become history,” he said.

Dr. Rehmani also recited verses from Allama Iqbal’s poem to put the Iranian revolution into perspective. “Let me tell you, the Iranian revolution was not a revolution of that country alone. It was a revolution of the entire Islamic world. We have had French, Russian, and other revolutions but nothing happened. Some people also called the change of some government’s revolution. It did not have any impact on the world. It was the Iranian revolution that changed the world order,” he said

Dr. Rehmani said the partition of India was not accidental but a well-thought-out plan.

“First World War was a European war, but West Asia was balkanized. Forty new countries came into being in Asia. Turkish Caliphate vanished. They thought Islam has been wiped out and can’t stage a comeback. Then came Second World War and again there was division in Asia. India’s partition was not accidental but a well-thought plan. World order changed again and Israel came into being. And the entire world rallied behind Jewish country,” he said.

Dr. Rehmani said both world orders were soaked in blood and hundreds of thousands of people were killed. 


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