How To Inculcate Moral Values Among Children, Youths


By Tariq Sohrab Ghazipuri

NEW DELHI—There is a famous saying that “if the character is lost, everything is lost.” Human character is based on moral values but unfortunately, many of us do not exactly know the sensual meaning of moral values. In my opinion, moral values are such a criterion that helps an individual differentiate between good and bad. It touches our inner spirits showing the right path for progression. The luminosity of lifestyle comes down with disgrace in the absence of moral values. Today our observations indicate an obvious downfall of moral values. It has so many reasons among which one is the education-systems prevailed in most of our seminaries. In so many places our youths are found ignorant and moralless in spite of achieving education in educational institutions. For building up an impeccable moral character, values related to moralities are obligatory for all the men and women living in the country. Just keep in mind that good character is absolutely based on none but moral values and it is merely the way to enable one to become a good citizen of the country. A person having no morality is valued less among his own relatives as well as a victim of disgrace in human societies. To build up moral values the creator of the world has sent many of the social reformers who, from time to time, goaded (inspired) humanity to kindle the light of moral values for all bright developments but unfortunately, at so many places our modern education systems do not motivate the new generations or the youngsters studying in schools towards the values related to good morality on ethical grounds.

The modern time calls for character-building in our children under layers of moral values. Together with other subjects, the subjects related to building up higher moral values should also be prescribed in school courses at all educational centers. This process will of course be better and beneficial for our coming generations. Moral values protect persons from evil eyes and specialize for them the ornaments of getting respect and honour in the world of humanity. In this issue, I would like to highlight why it is so crucial to teach Moral Values to youngsters or students studying in schools, colleges, or universities. The answer is obvious like an open book. In the absence of moral values, our youths will always be out of moral discipline and can never be good citizens in their surroundings. Today in many places, youths do not obey their parents and no doubt to a large extent they violate the positive rules of the country. In other words, they are harmful to humanity; sometimes they become thieves or robbers to mint money by hook or by crook but even then they find themselves always disturbed by
tensions because in human societies no one comes ahead to give them appropriate respect as a man of discipline is honored.

In building up moral values among children from the beginning stages, the support from parents with proper guidance has its own significance. If the parents of children are compassionate with an impeccable moral character, they will certainly be careful to instill moral values in their youths or children. Along with support from guardians if the selected guides impart the lessons of morality, it will of course be a proper procedure for better training towards our coming generations.

Bearing in mind the functions of moral value and analyzing its touch stone method with its useful uniqueness in human life, our intellectuals focus on focal grounds that it:

  1. Assists in building up a positive moral character with traits such as compassion, respect,
    kindness, and humility.
  2. Helps the youth distinguish between right and wrong or good and bad. It can eventually
    promote positive ideology and fair judgment.
  3. Provides a perspective that shapes attitudes and beliefs towards various aspects of life.
  4. Grows self-confidence and enables them to be steadfast even in difficult situations.
  5. Permits children to channelize their dynamic energies in the right direction.
  6. Stands as a moral compass that helps them stay off the negative influence of peers,
    social media, or society in general, as they grow up with passages of time.
  7. Furnishes in setting high standards of social living to help develop a good society at a
    large scale.

Some essential points based on which children/ youths should be supported:
• You must be their role models with practicality by setting for them good
examples of virtuous acts in life such as honesty, humility, compassion and
• Share such incidents from your life experiences to acquaint your child with those
• Let children put these moral values into practical use. For example, show them
ways to be humble by talking politely to others, helping someone needy, avoiding
bragging about their good deeds, etc.
• You must guide your wards to be men of discipline and in the same pace
communicate moral values in a manner that seems easy for a child to interpret.
Simplify it into a language that a child can easily understand. You can use
examples from the child’s life and teach them the moral values behind it and their
possible impact.

Children must be trained on practical grounds to learn these eight moral values:

  1. Humility and Expressing Gratitude:
    Humility and expressing Gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation and
    thankfulness for what you have. It leads to contentment. Cultivate contentment and
    gratitude in your child by teaching them to be thankful for what they have in life. Teach
    them to never take anyone or anything for granted.
  2. Honesty
    It is truly said by social scholars that “Honesty is the Best Policy.” But to learn its true
    meaning, we need to practice continuously. Pour the ideas unto your child that it is
    always better to accept a mistake with honesty instead of lying to cover it up. Observe
    them how they begin with small steps, such as being honest with their teacher and
  3. Cooperation
    Cooperation is the other name of sharing and sharing with others is caring. Sharing is
    an act that ends selflessness. You can teach your child to share their
    belongings/resources with others who might need those things desperately.
  4. Sympathy
    Sympathy is a feeling just like putting yourself into someone’s shoes. To solve
    someone’s problems or to raise an empathetic child, you need to be empathetic to them
    first. Share your views with your youth to be sympathetic to his friends by listening to
    their concerns, issues, and problems. Sympathetic feelings bring up contentment and
    raise the status quo higher; your child should know of it.
  5. Kindness
    Kindness is the feeling of love to expose what you feel towards others. It is a step
    ahead of empathy since you not only feel the other person’s feelings but also strive to
    help them with their problems. The development of this positive emotion will help your
    child develop positive relationships with others.
  6. Concurrence
    Concurrence is an act of extending help to others to attain a goal that is often mutual.
    Harmony at home is the first step towards developing a sense of concurrence. Doing
    household chores together and listening to each other’s problems are some acts of
    cooperation or concurrence that a family should follow. Such actions help a growing
    child think as “We, all one.”
  7. Respect
    You must guide your youths to respect every individual irrespective of age, caste, creed,
    religion, etc. It of course is an appreciable step to develop healthy, social, and
    professional relations when a child grows up. Talking politely to the school bus driver is
    an example that you can set for your child.
  8. Uniformity
    Uniformity brings up equality and eradicates thoughts of supremacy. You must try to
    teach your children about the facts of equality and for this, you can set the right
    examples by allowing your child to play with other children, irrespective of their social

In a nutshell, moral values are connected to fundamental human emotions with a spirit
to touch the threshold of splendid success for all-around developments.


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