Indian Media is Extension of Hindutva Network: Professor Apoorvanand


Masihuzzama Ansari

NEW DELHI—Calling for launching the ‘Save Democracy Movement’, noted author and activist Professor Apoorvanand believes that media has become a part of the Hindutva network in India.

“Media is the biggest threat. It is part of the Hindutva network. The media is spreading disinformation to confuse people. It has become a hate campaigner against Muslims, opposition leaders, social movements, and Dalits. It is manufacturing hatred,” he told newsmen on the sidelines of a function in New Delhi.

Professor Apoorvanand said everyone in and outside India is concerned about Indian democracy. “If people from all sections of society will not unite, then it will be very difficult to save democracy from the attacks of Hindutva groups,” he said.

He said there is a need to discuss the ways and means to save democracy and society. “And that is why we have met today. There can’t be one strategy. There is a consensus that this is the most dangerous period in the last 75 years. There is a danger to democracy. It is being made hollow from within and people are not aware of it because the media does not want them to know,” he said.

Professor Apoorvanand said their first duty should be to make people aware of the dangers to democracy. “Entire Media, too, is working against democracy. So it is our responsibility to create awareness among the people,” he said.

Giving a clarion call to save democracy, he said they need to work on a bigger scale to fight against the onslaught on democracy. “If society takes a pledge, these forces can be defeated. India is a democracy. It is not pre-Hitler Germany, where the life of democracy was very short. We are habitual of democracy. We can fight it out to save our democracy,” he said.

He said there is no need to feel hopeless. “We have seen how the anti-CAA movement forced the government to backtrack. They could not make CAA rules still. Anti-CAA movement is a victory. The Kisan (farmers) movement was a success. The government had to roll back the bill. Earlier, the government was forced to roll back the land acquisition bill. We can’t sit back and say they will crush us,” he said.



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