Constitutional values, equality, brotherhood are being undermined: Prof Salim


Masihuzzama Ansari

NEW DELHI –A one-day consultative meeting was held at New Delhi’s Constitution Club to discuss ways and means to protect the constitutional and democratic values of the country.

Several social and human rights organizations including MPJ, APCR, Bandi Mukthi Sabha, PUCL, Maitri India, No CAA No NRC West Bengal Chapter, etc participated in the meeting.

FDCA Vice President Prof. Mohammad Salim Engineer presided over the programme.

“We had invited people from civil society and human rights organizations from across the country in which the overall situation was discussed,” he told India Tomorrow.

Prof Salim said the democratic institutions of the country are getting weak. “The foundations of democracy are being weakened. Hatred is being spread in the country and a division is being created in the society. All this is being done by anarchist elements for political gains and personal interests. Constitutional values like equality, equality, and brotherhood are being undermined,” he said.

Participants also expressed concern about the economic policies of the present government. Social and human rights activists also flagged the misuse of government agencies to suppress the voices raised against the government.

 “It was decided that responsible citizens of the country will have to work to change this situation and create a democratic environment,” Prof Salim said.

He said it was also decided that along with the civil society, the opposition parties should also be sanitized about democratic values. “Opposition leaders should also exhibit democratic values in their conduct. They should also work to strengthen the democratic foundations so that the atmosphere of hatred is nullified,” he said.

Prof Salim said people are paramount in a democracy and they have to be made aware of their rights. “They should come forward and save the constitution. The public is the master of democracy. Change is possible in the country only when the public yearns for it,” he said

He said democracy will become strong when people are made aware of choosing their representatives.

During the programme, the problems of youth were also discussed. The government has stopped scholarships which affected lakhs of poor and deserving students. There is apprehension that students from weaker sections will be left behind. Participants said education is the responsibility of the government and they cannot run away from it.

“It has been decided that all the social workers will keep in touch with each other and run awareness programs across the country. They will try to change the political situation,” he said.

A slew of resolutions was passed on the occasion. Everyone was unanimous on these issues.


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